About AGL

AGL is a collective of lawyers committed to protecting the rights of artists and promoting respect for freedom of artistic expression. We believe artists should be able to claim strong levels of protection for their contribution to public debate and involvement in matters of general interest. To this end, we are using the law to protect and expand the space for artistic expression by challenging the status quo.

Our mission is twofold: firstly, we connect at-risk artists with specialised in-country legal support and engage in legal cases that have at their core the right to freedom of artistic expression; and secondly, we analyse the legal treatment of art before national and regional courts with a view to promoting the right to freedom of artistic expression as a distinct substantive legal category. To contribute to a sustainable growth of the artistic ecosystem, as an ancillary activity, we also offer legal advice to low-income artists regarding the rights they own in relation to their work and make sure they sign fair contracts and make informed decisions regarding the selling of their rights.

To better perform our role, we have established the International Network of Pro Bono Lawyers. Our Managing Team complements the work of our pro bono law partners with legal expertise, relevant research and by acting as liaison between the lawyers and the artists.

Whether you are an artist at risk, a victim of a violation of human rights, or you simply need us to review a contract or advise on a commitment you might want to make regarding your artwork, we match your needs with the right legal support.

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