White on White (Malevich – 1918)

We use the term « avant-garde » broadly, without recourse to specific or strict literal connotations. It simply means progressive, forward-looking. We like working with lawyers that have an interest in art law issues and respect for art’s unique ontology. If you would like to join our network of pro bono lawyers, click here.

Our logo evokes Malevich’s “White on White” painting. We chose this painting not only because it pushes the limits of abstraction to an unprecedented degree and represents the avant-garde of its time but also because we see in it the symbol of the intricate alliance between art and law. The law not only restricts and regulates artistic endeavour but also protects and reinforces it. Although diffuse and tilted, the smaller square confronts and highlights the bigger and steadier structure, in the same way, art confronts society with critical questions of the day to highlight its taboos and conventionality.