YOU can help an artist be safe and empowered to create and imagine freely.

In a time of rapid political, moral and legal change that puts freedom of expression under unprecedented pressure, artists are increasingly targeted for their socially and politically engaged artwork.

Avant-Garde Lawyers uses the full power of the law to protect freedom of artistic expression and defend artists, victims of harassment, censorship, and imprisonment because of their art. It takes us hundreds of hours a month to research, design and coordinate legal strategies and large defense teams. And thousands of euros to sustain.

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We are deeply grateful for your contribution and commitment to freedom of artistic expression. We would love to know more about you. Please leave us a message and tell us who you are and why art is important to you. Or not, if you wish to remain anonymous. Either way, THANK YOU!

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Avant-Garde Lawyers is a nonprofit organization registered in France.

In partnership with Swedish Arts Council.