The law should protect you. Never scare you.

Breathe easy. The law isn’t the inaccessible, complicated, and intimidating monster that you might imagine it to be.

It’s there to help you. And so are we. 

We are the middlemen and women that bring clarity to confusion, solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems, and kindness to sometimes domineering approaches by speaking your language and defending your work.


Our approach

We are human rights defenders

When artists are censored, harassed or put behind bars, the very foundation of a democratic society is undermined. Accustomed to working cross-border and in complex judicial environments, ALG secures specialized and tailored legal advice for disadvantaged artists from all over the world to protect their freedoms and deliver justice.

We respect art’s unique ontology

We love art and our work respects and protects the creation process. We make sure the artistic intention  is accurately presented in court. For each case, we build a team which includes artists and art experts that work together with lawyers to design unique legal strategies that challenge and re-think the status quo surrounding the legal protection of artistic expression.

Pro bono publico

It is very important to us that money never be the reason why an artist cannot afford legal support. As members of a profession bound by ethical rules, we aspire to use the law to ensure access to justice for those most vulnerable. In the spirit of collaboration and exchange amongst lawyers from different jurisdictions, we promote pro bono culture for the benefit of artists and artistic endeavors.

We “democratize” the law

We translate the law for people in the artistic field and make legal processes related to art more transparent and accessible to artists through courses, events and by inviting artists to join our defense teams. We empower artists by helping them understand the legal framework governing artworks and by providing them with the means to protect their rights.

Cross-border litigation

We work worldwide with local lawyers. We have the skills necessary to solve complex legal issues and navigate international legal instruments to effectively protect the rights of creators from a variety of artistic domains. With each case, we aim to offer an instrument that will impact not only the individual artist, but that goes beyond and is part of a broader strategy to protect and expand the space for creative expression worldwide.

A sense of urgency

Recent reports by FreemuseUNESCO and, Artists-at-Risk Connection describe a worrying trend to curb alternative creative voices in totalitarian regimes and democracies alike. The reasons invoked are often the protection of public morality, religious sentiment or the fight against extremism; and sometimes, their silencing is simply a set of trumped-up charges. AGL recognizes the rapid political and legal changes in the world today and seeks to use the law creatively to protect artworks and artists. 

Our mission

> transform legal services for artists through unique legal strategies and by creating individual and combined defense teams which include both legal and art experts

> promote pro bono work for the benefit of artists and creative expression in the spirit of collaboration between lawyers from different jurisdictions

> re-think the status quo surrounding the legal protection of artistic expression in courtrooms and beyond

What we do

  • provide specialized legal assistance to artists unable to afford it
  • ensure immediate support to at-risk artists by connecting them with local lawyers in our network and oversee the legal work for each case
  • for each case, design a legal strategy, build a team to implement it and supervise its execution
  • submit third-party interventions before international fora in cases dealing with freedom of artistic expression
  • design and deliver tailored courses to lawyers
  • maintain and grow our network of pro bono lawyers
  • generate exchange and facilitate cooperation between lawyers from different jurisdictions but also between artists and lawyers through our Art Law Forum